Membership communities for live events

Build, grow, and scale your community through live conversations.

Screenshots of the product, including Conversation Guides, Events, the Video Conversation Experience, Surveys, and Word Clouds.

What's Kazm?

Existing social platforms are designed for building an audience, not a community. At Kazm, we believe real communities are built on conversations - but managing conversations is hard work.
We make it easy.

A graphic showing that Kazm is an alternative to replace a string of tools including Facebook Groups, Mighty Networks, Meetup, Eventbrite, Zoom, and Patreon
3 examples of branded spaces for 3 different brands.

Engage your audience in a single branded space

Kazm is so much more than a virtual meeting. It’s your all-in-one space where members connect, join events, access content, and comment on discussion boards.

Screenshots of the video conversation experience, including survey and word cloud interfaces.

Put the conversation first

Your audience wants to talk, not scroll. Host real conversations without the distractions. Our integrated video guides the conversation with engaging prompts, videos, polls, and word clouds that you define. No ads, no trolls.

Graphic illustrating how organizations can create conversation guides that can be used by supports to host their own conversations

Build a meaningful relationship with your audience

Your audience = your customers. Start building an end-to-end relationship with them under your own brand. Configure your event reminders, notifications, actions, and download member data and reports.

Screenshots showing how organizations can empower members to host their own events, invite friends, and collect donations.

Run community-led events

Create the content that talks to your audience, then let them talk directly to each other. Our templates let you program the conversation around any topic. No need to schedule, manage, or facilitate.

Graphic illustrating how organizations can create conversation guides that can be used by supports to host their own conversations

Generate income

Earn monthly subscription payments from your audience by offering gated content and experiences.

Perfect for...


Provide a dedicated home to your coaching clients so they can access resources, connect with each other, and interact with you.

Content creators

Connect your readers and listeners who have a lot in common and want to keep the conversation going. Curate prompts and let them talk to each other in your space without scheduling or facilitating anything.

Support groups

Define templates for your standard meeting formats and allow your members to to schedule, host, and drop into peer-to-peer meetings.


Create a space for dialogue to amplify your mission - advocacy, activism, peace building, bridging, and more.


Host your own organized events, manage member lists, and provide a space for local chapters to connect directly with each other.

Book clubs

Join or start your own book club. Use pre-defined templates so you don't have to start from scratch for every meeting.

A community for every use case. Let's talk more about yours!

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