Curated conversation space

Easily bring people together for important, small-group conversations.

Screenshots of the product, including Conversation Guides, Events, the Video Conversation Experience, Surveys, and Word Clouds.

The ultimate
conversation engine

With Kazm, members participate in live, small-group interactions and support the organization.

A screenshot of the Community Homepage, showing a branded space with Featured Events, Messaging, Sharing, Donations, Discussion Board, Resources, Admin Dashboard, Curated Topic Guides, Upcoming Events (including Community-led, Livestreams, Webinars, Hostless, and Off-platform), and the ability for supporters to start a conversation.

Activate your audience

Here's how it works

3 examples of branded spaces for 3 different brands.

Step 1

Create your space

One branded home where members can connect, join events, and host their own.

Screenshots of the video conversation experience, including survey and word cloud interfaces.

Step 2

Curate conversation guides

Structured conversation experiences include engaging prompts, videos, polls and activities.  Auto-facilitation lets the group set the pace and encourages healthy norms.

Graphic illustrating how organizations can create conversation guides that can be used by supports to host their own conversations

Step 3

Activate your audience

Empower supporters to spread viral conversations through their networks.  No training or preparation required.

Screenshots showing how organizations can empower members to host their own events, invite friends, and collect donations.

Step 4

Empower your people

Encourage members to take action, support the organization, invite friends, and host their own conversations.

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